I went to see this pretty randomly, at loose ends on a weekday afternoon with nothing much to do.  Choices were fairly limited, and I picked this. 

Plot Synopsis:  This is A Christmas Carol remade as a romantic comedy.  The protagonist, rather than denying the spirit of Christmas and being a stingy bastard, denies the spirit of love and is a locked up serial womanizer.  It's actually sort of brilliant and makes a very real type of sense.  I left the movie wondering why no one had gone there before.  Admittedly, the whole "ghost" thing is a little weird since none of the relevant people are dead.  (Except the Marley figure, an uncle who raised the protagonist to his woman hating ways.)  Anyway, I don't even really need to give a plot synopsis, because you know the drill.  The protagonist goes to his brother's wedding and behaves badly.  Three ghosts come and show him a) all the bad he's done, b) the mess that is going on amongst his loved ones right now, and c) how he and his brother will both die sad and alone if he doesn't change.  Then, he changes.  Everyone lives happily ever after.  Even though the wedding cake is destroyed. 

My Take: I probably would have enjoyed the movie more if I were fond of either of the lead actors--Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Garner.  However, it was a cute romantic comedy.  Nothing special, but really surprisingly not bad.  A fun trifle for a summer afternoon.  (Or whatever season mid-May really is.)  If you don't like the genre, it definitely isn't for you.  It probably isn't worth an actual movie ticket in any case, unless you, like me, get the occasional hankering to just go to the movies.  However, if you do like the genre, it's worth putting in your queue. 

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