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([personal profile] meepodeekin May. 20th, 2009 05:10 pm)
On [ profile] julianyap 's recommendation, I watched the premiere (pilot?) of Glee on hulu.  I have to say, it looks good.  Campy, overwritten, high-school-set dramedy is pretty much my favorite genre.  (Can that be a genre?)  I found the subplot with the evil wife grating because of how overwritten she is.  When something's not funny, overwriting it doesn't quite work out the same way.  However, I enjoyed the other plots and the overall tone of the show.  I plan to give it a chance in the fall.

It does leave me wondering, though--is that really what glee club shows are like?  I've never been a singer, but I've been to my share of a capella performances.  It's kinda a thing at my alma mater, after all.  I don't remember anything like that.  And are glee clubs not usually a capella?  Either a) I am blind, stupid, or amnesiac, b) the performances in the episode were waaay, waaay over the top, or c) things have really changed.  I did quite enjoy the show ending number, in any case. 

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