Another day, another matinee movie trifle.  I love the summer!

Plot Synopsis: I'm not a real X-men fan although I've seen one or two of the movies, so I don't know how closely this one followed Wolverine's comic book origins.  But the title really is a valid plot synopsis.  Over the opening credits you see Wolverine and Sabretooth (neither yet so named; Sabretooth is in fact never so named in the film.)  growing up over about 150 years of wars.  Then they fall in with Stryker.  Wolverine quits.  They murder his girlfriend; he gets adamantiumized; general chaos and attempted vengeance ensues.  Three Mile Island gets destroyed, a whole bunch of suggestively costumed teenagers get rescued (apparently including at least Storm, Cyclops, and Emma Frost).  Patrick Stewart appears in the last moments of the film in what may be the most random cameo ever, as Xavier.  How he knew to turn up with that fancy helicopter and pick up the kids at that very moment, like an on-schedule school bus, no one will ever know.  But no matter, the children are "safe now." 

My Take: Why did I go to see this film?  I went to see this film because of the trailer before Star Trek.  The trailer showed Hugh Jackman in skin tight clothing, and/or partial lack of clothing.  Very nice.  I am particularly fond of the torn-up, filthy wife beater.  There is a shortage in this world of movies meant as eye candy for those who like boys.  This movie did not disappoint at all in that aspect.  Hugh Jackman jumping stark naked out of a waterfall?  Yessirreebob.  The movie was basically boys being boys playing with other boys and boyish toys in extremely tight and/or nonexistent clothing.  As promised by the trailer. 

As for the plot?  Well, as I said above, I cannot judge it from a fennish perspective.  It was a perfectly serviceable action movie plot.  It did not suffer from an excess of making sense.  There was so much going on, so many nemeses, that it, well, it wasn't exactly hard to follow, it just...didn't suffer from an excess of making sense.  I would say the first hour/hour and a half was delightful mindless summer fun.  The last 30 minutes or so was just so nonsensical (especially, as mentioned above, the Picard cameo) as to be a loss.  


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